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Studio Rates

Custom Prices For Custom Work

We pride ourselves on offering some of the lowest and most fair pricing for high quality studio work, anywhere around.  Below you will find our "base" rates, but here at Ill Eagle Studio we will happily sit down with you, or speak with you over the phone. After carefully listening to you and your needs, we will then give you a custom quote based on these base rates and possibly offer discounts as well.  Your quote will be one number that will include everything you need to succeed.  That's a recording engineer, production, in-house instrumentation, editing, mixing, and all mastering.  

With one simple price, NEVER worry about going over your budget, or sacrificing your visions and goals to meet pricy hourly requirements.  No worrying about "hurry up and just use that take," or "that's good enough".  It's done when it's right!  


*50% non-refundable deposit required at the time of booking*
We are happy to make adjustments and changes, subject to availability, up to 14 days before your first scheduled recording.

Studio with engineer

  • Hourly        -    $35 *minimum of 3hours

  • Day Rate    -    $250 (8 Hours)

  • Week Rate -    $1100 (5 Days)

  • Mastering Full Song

    $100.00/per song (3 Hours)

    Edit and Tune Vocals

    $120.00/per song (Half Day)

    Mixing Full Song

    $125.00/per song (Half Day)

    Session Musicians

    All session musicians are charged as

    an extra add on.

    Typical pricing is dependent on the instrument, and the experience of the player.  Roughly ~$30 - $60 per song

    Full Song Production

    $500.00/per song (3 full days)

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