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Ill Eagle Studio

Your Live Show

Fully Mixed & Mastered

We Take Your Performance...

And We Give It A Professional Shine, So You Can Make The Most Of Your Music

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Release A Top Notch Live Album

Immortalize Your Performance with a Live Album

Your live shows are more than just moments; they're experiences. Capture the magic and energy of those moments with a top-notch live album. Our skilled audio engineers meticulously craft each track, ensuring that every note and emotion are preserved in its purest form. A professionally mixed and mastered live album not only becomes a powerful addition to your discography but also a timeless keepsake for your fans. Let us transform your live performance into a sonic masterpiece that stands the test of time.

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Have Music & Content To Release All Year From 1 Show

Amplify Your Content Creation

We understand the importance of content in today's music landscape. By investing in our expert mixing and mastering services, you not only elevate your live show but also gain a treasure trove of high-quality recordings. Imagine having a library of professionally mixed and mastered tracks from a single performance, ready to be released strategically throughout the year. Unlock a consistent stream of fresh content that keeps your audience engaged and eagerly awaiting your next release.


Have A Professional Recordings To Send To Booking Agents & Venues

Impress the Industry with Professional Recordings

In the competitive world of music, first impressions matter. When you choose to have your performance mixed and mastered, you're not just investing in sound quality – you're investing in your professional image. Equip yourself with recordings that speak volumes to booking agents and venues. Our studio-quality sound demonstrates your commitment to excellence, making you a standout choice for gigs and opportunities. Take the next step in your music career with recordings that leave a lasting impression on industry professionals.

Save A Ton Of Money On Studio Time

Maximize Your Budget, Minimize Your Costs

Creating exceptional music shouldn't break the bank. Imagine getting top-tier mixing and mastering services without the hefty studio price tag. With our affordable rates, you can save a ton of money on studio time, making professional sound accessible to every artist

Cost Breakdown:

What a studio would cost you...

Individual Song Rates:

  • Mixing: $100.00 per song

  • Mastering: $125.00 per song


Between 15 and 30 Songs


$3,375.00 - $6,750.00

What it costs to your full live performance at The Rustic Hut fully mixed and mastered

just $500.00

Your Engineer

Hello, my name is Jacob Wing

I own and operate one of the top studios here in Montana, Ill Eagle Studio, and we take great pride in doing our utmost to give every artist, musician, and band the best quality recording to make sure your fanbase gets the best version of you and your music.


From having many credits to my name for work done in the recording industry (click button below to view), to producing and hosting a YouTube series (145 Rural) and Podcast (The I-IV-V Rural Podcast), and a blog dedicated to helping musicians in Montana (Montana Music Makers Blog), you can rest assured that your music is in the best and most knowledgeable hands, and as a musician and artist myself,  you know you will be treated with the respect, 

patients, and understanding that is needed when it comes to making the best music possible.  Reach out anytime, I love to talk music, Montana, and so much more!


The Process...


Ask For Your Live Show Recording Package

Just let one of the friendly staff, your awesome engineer for the evening, or the person you booked with, that you would like to have a recording of this performance, and have the mixing and mastering package.


Put On Your BEST Show

Just go out there and do what you do!  Entertain the people, and share your music and soul with the world, and remember to have fun doing it!  The more you have fun, the better the show!


14 Days Later...

Within 14 Days after your performance, you will be contacted by our studio, and sent your fully mixed and mastered songs, in both mp3 and .wav files for you to do with as you need.  And if there are any changes or adjustments need to something, we are always here to help and make sure you get the best songs possible.

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